October 23, 2008

That’s right folks! Vegan pizza comes to Grand Rapids. Oxymoron you ask? Cheese-less boredom? Not according to the owners of the soon to be opened Brick Road Pizza, located on Wealthy Street. They believe in the idea so much that they are marketing the newly revamped pizza place as specializing in vegan pizza! That’s right, they are gearing the business to Grand Rapids growing vegetarian and vegan community! The menu promises to offer different varieties of 100% VEGAN pizza, complete with great vegan cheeses, different “meats”, and other delicious vegan appetizers and sides. I know some of you were lucky enough to try the VEGAN “Chicken” Nuggets this summer at the Wealthy Street festival. I heard they were absolutely amazing!

Are you salivating at the idea of vegan pizza? Or, perhaps perplexed and a little interested? Well, if so, then you should come to a special buffet dinner next Thursday night that the owner of Brick Road Pizza has specially invited Calvin students to attend. Right now it looks like the event will cost $10 a person (although we at SCL are working on subsidizing things, so expect that to be knocked down a few dollars) for an array of vegan pizza, appetizers, deserts, and drinks. The event will promote the soon to be opened pizza place (giving you all a sneak peek) and the owner has promised we will all get more than our money’s worth.

If you are interested email me ( so I have an idea how many to expect. The more, of course, the marrier. Details, as far as the time, are soon to come so stay posted. This should be a great event everyone! Lots of great food and a chance to meet lots of cool people from around the Grand Rapids community!


One Response to “VEGAN PIZZA!!???”

  1. Ben DeVries Says:

    My wife and I would die for something like this around where we’re at, halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee …

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