More Animal Coverage in the Times

October 26, 2008

This week the New York Times’ Magazine has a great article that focuses on the efforts of Wayne Pacelle, President of the Humane Society of the United States, pushing forward Proposition 2 in California! Also in the article is our friend Gene Baur, who visited Calvin earlier this year and has been working with Wayne pushing Proposition 2 in CA.

The article offers very important context to the legislation in CA, detailing how it is seen as part of an effort by HSUS, Farm Sanctuary, and others to enact similar laws across the US. It also notes the divide among some in the animal rights movement over the compromise that can be involved in pushing laws such as this and the impact they might have on the larger goal of ending the practice of raising animals for food.

Wherever you stand on this issue, it is a great article to read and consider! Although the coverage animal issues received in the Times isn’t always the greatest, things have been getting progressively better and more and more frequent. It seems like now there is another article related to animal issues every week. More and more people are beginning to connect the dots and see that the current ways we raise animals in confinement has disatrous consequences for our health, environment, and the animals themselves.


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