Calvin Sustainability Guide

February 10, 2009

sustainabilityCalvin College’s Office of Community Engagement has recently published a sustainability guide which can be found online. The guide is a great resource and offers excellent tips for how you can reduce your energy consumption and live more sustainably. The website links to our blog, and so we at SCL would like to welcome any visitors that have ventured here from that page. 

Many of us at SCL have learned about how our diet is connected to issues of sustainability. The connection between the consumption of meat and the effect this has on our planet and global warming is something we have discussed in a previous post. According to the UN, the production of meat contributes more to global warming than all of transportation combined! Given this reality, one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is by reducing or eliminating the meat in your diet. Right now there is nothing on the guide about connections between the consumption of meat and the environment. The website encourages feedback, so how about us SCL’ers let them know a way they can help Calvin people live more sustainably? Improving sustainability at Calvin is something that we at SCL definitely stand behind and its great to see Calvin concerned with these issues.


One Response to “Calvin Sustainability Guide”

  1. Rafal Mroczek Says:


    I was wondering if the picture sustainability.jpg is under any copyright. I would like to use it in the didactic article I’m working on about sustainability for a quarterly magazine “Jakosc Zarzadzanie Srodowisko” (Quality Management Environment), published in Poland in Polish language.

    Do you agree for me to do so?

    Kind regards,
    Rafal Mroczek

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