Southern Comfort Food: Vegan Style

April 29, 2009


Can it be done? Soul food…vegan style? Really? I’m here to tell you it can be done, and in anticipation of the upcoming SCL Soulfood Vegan Potluck, I’ll be posting some recipes I’ve found across this world wide web.

The potluck will be this Friday (May 1), at the Devos Forum, at Calvin College. SCL is teaming up with our friends at ESC for some events raising awareness about Mountain Top Removal. At 3:30 environmental activists from Appalachia will be talking about mountain top removal and environmental justice at the Devos Forum. The potluck is at five. And afterwards, Dr. Jay McDaniel will be giving the second annual Animals and the Kingdom of God Lecture, at 7:30 at the Meeter Center. 

So check out some of the recipes, prepare some food, and come on out for a great evening of food and learning!


One Response to “Southern Comfort Food: Vegan Style”

  1. Keep up the great work!.

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