March 16, 2009



I just want to call everyone’s attention to a couple of really good article’s written by the New York Time’s Nicholas Kristof. In two related op-eds (the first, and the second) Kristof discuses the massive use of antibiotics in factory farms and what that means for resistant superbugs that can kill humans. Definitely a must read! These articles only reinforce how when it comes to food issues, it is difficult to separate concern for the well being of the environment, non-human animals, and animals.


Vegan Pyramid

Friday, March 6 will be the first bi-weekly potluck that SCL hosts this semster.


Library Lobby

Come, share your ideas for a new semester and enjoy some great food.

As always, we ask that the dishes brought be vegan, so all can partake.

Food & Sustainability Week!

February 22, 2009

The folks at SCL are aware that one of the most crucial ways to live more sustainably is by looking at our diet and the effect this has on the environment. This is something we have noted in previous posts. This week there are several food and sustainability events that SCL is sponsoring, in coordination with the Sustainability Month (Kill-a-Watt) going on in the dorms. It would be great if we could have an awesome turn out. Also, for the food panel and movie it would be nice to have treats. Hope to see you all there!

Food & Sustainability Events
Meatless Monday (Encourage students to not eat meat, eating more sustainably by eating lower on the food chain)
Tuesday: “Our Daily Bread”, Chapel Undercroft, 7:30PM, trailer
Wednesday: “Animals & Rights”, Philosophy Symposium Lecture, Dan Hooley, 4PM, Heimenga Hall 336
Thursday: Panel on Food and Sustainability, 7:30PM, Basement of Beets-Veenstra, featuring students and professors (Dave Dornbos, Adam Wolpa)

Calvin Sustainability Guide

February 10, 2009

sustainabilityCalvin College’s Office of Community Engagement has recently published a sustainability guide which can be found online. The guide is a great resource and offers excellent tips for how you can reduce your energy consumption and live more sustainably. The website links to our blog, and so we at SCL would like to welcome any visitors that have ventured here from that page. 

Many of us at SCL have learned about how our diet is connected to issues of sustainability. The connection between the consumption of meat and the effect this has on our planet and global warming is something we have discussed in a previous post. According to the UN, the production of meat contributes more to global warming than all of transportation combined! Given this reality, one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is by reducing or eliminating the meat in your diet. Right now there is nothing on the guide about connections between the consumption of meat and the environment. The website encourages feedback, so how about us SCL’ers let them know a way they can help Calvin people live more sustainably? Improving sustainability at Calvin is something that we at SCL definitely stand behind and its great to see Calvin concerned with these issues.

Due to the nationwide salmonella outbreak that has been linked to peanuts, we are declaring Wake Up Weekend 2009 a peanut- and peanut-ingredient-free event. While it is disappointing to have to rule out so many delicious recipes in one fell swoop, I suspect we’ll all be happier without the specter of a mass outbreak looming over our festivities. Apologies to Jimmy Carter, as well as to those of you who may have been planning a peanut-based contribution to our events. Luckily, the peanut-free options for tasty vegan vittles are practically limitless! Let’s stay on the safe side and exploit some of those!

Wake Up Weekend 2009!

January 13, 2009


Get ready folks, here it comes! The third annual weekend extravaganza of food, fun, and animal advocacy returns to the Grand Rapids community. This year’s weekend will feature a great array of top-notch speakers and events to start off the new year of animal-friendly living. Among the events slotted for this year will be several great talks on Friday and Saturday featuring several well known animal activists, a large vegan potluck (last year approximately 100 people came out!), a brunch hosted by Brick Road Pizza, and a vegan chili cook off. Below you will find the official schedule for this year’s weekend.

This year Students for Compassionate Living will be helping out a lot and we could really use volunteers for some of the events. People are needed for the set up and take down for the potluck and vegan chili cook off, to videotape the lectures, and to bring dishes to the potluck and chili cook off competition. If you are interested in helping out with any of the above areas, or have any questions related to SCL, contact Dan Hooley (hooley.dan@gmail.com). 

*All events are free and open to the public (excluding the all-you-can-eat Saturday brunch, which is just $10.00 per person at the door). Donations to defray costs are cheerfully accepted. If you have questions write to wakeupweekend@gmail.com.

Our annual two-day celebration of animal-friendly food, art, education, and advocacy brought to you by Animals & Society Institute, Brick Road Pizza Company, ExtraVEGANza!, G-Rad, Not One Sparrow, Oven Mitt Bakery, and Students for Compassionate Living.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 20092:30 pm–Animal Advocacy: What, Why, Who, and How?Commons Annex Lecture Hall, Calvin College

Stay on the cutting edge of the movement by learning from the people who are making it happen. From rights to welfare, from religion to politics, from the laws of the heart to the laws of the land, from grassroots to goliath, our nationally recognized panelists know the score. Join us for this workshop and you will too! 

Harold Brown (President, Farm Kind, Hector, NY)
Ben DeVries (Founder, Not One Sparrow, Kenosha, WI)
Adam Durand (Campaign Director, Animal Rights International, Rochester, NY)
Bee Friedlander (Managing Director, Animals and Society Institute, Ann Arbor, MI)
Nathan Runkle (Executive Director, Mercy for Animals, Columbus, OH and Chicago, IL)

5:30 pm–“Compassionate Comestibles” Vegan Potluck*Commons Annex Lecture Hall, Calvin College
*Hosted by Students for Compassionate Living

At an event where omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans are coming together in fellowship, a vegan bill of fare insures that everyone can enjoy what’s on the menu! What’s your favorite vegan recipe? Bring a dish to share and find out where others come down on this appetizing question! Need a few ideas? Vegan Yum Yum and Post Punk Kitchen never disappoint.

***Please help us to reduce waste and carbon emissions by bringing your own washable or recyclable dinnerware*** and perhaps an extra setting or two for our out-of-town guests and last-minute participants; a limited number of recyclables will be on hand for those without table service.

7:30 pm–Film Festival
Bytwerk Video Theater, DeVos Communications Center, Calvin CollegeEating Mercifully and Fowl Play (A Film By Adam Durand)

Two great films by two great directors, one of whom–Adam Durand–will be on hand to introduce his work and take questions after the screening. Did you know that the idea for “Fowl Play” was hatched at Wake Up Weekend 2007 and that the original first-cut of the film was edited here in Grand Rapids for our sneak preview screening at Wake Up Weekend 2008? Now in 2009, the final version has been nominated for Best Documentary in a national film festival in Hollywood, but YOU get to see it first right here in Grand Rapids. Look for special mention of Wake Up Weekend in the credits!

SATURDAY, JANUARY 24, 200911:00 am–Vegan Brunch at Brick Road Pizza
Tofu scramble, french toast sticks, vegan fried chikn, and all your favorite specialty pizzas and salads are on the menu at this $10.00 all-you-can-eat vegan juggernaut that Chef Ryan promises will be a day to remember! Whether you’re a Wake-up-Weekender or just a hungry Grand Rapidian, come on out! Everyone is welcome!

1:30–Spotlight Session: Animal Advocacy and Religion
(106), 106 S. Division, Grand Rapids
”Not One Sparrow is Forgotten: A Simply Christian Animal Advocacy”
Ben DeVries (Founder, Not One Sparrow)

3:00 pm–Panel: Animal Exploitation and Questions of Race and Gender
(106), 106 S. Division, Grand Rapids

“Thinking and Eating at the Same Time: Reflections of a Sista Vegan” 
Michelle Loyd-Paige (Dean for Multicultural Affairs, Calvin College)

“Speciesism, Sexism, and Racism: The Intertwining Oppressions”
Nekeisha Alexis-Baker (Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary; Co-Founder, Jesus Radicals)

7:00 pm–Vegan Chili Cook-Off and Print Sale Benefit(106), 106 S. Division, Grand Rapids
You know the drill on this one: Best. Vegan. Chili. Ever. (Made by YOU, if you’ve got the guts to compete, anyway.) Add vegan cornbread lovingly prepared by Oven Mitt Bakery, and a print sale that puts the artwork of Wake Up Weekend within everyone’s reach, and you simply can’t say no! Come on out and help us raise a few dollars for our participating animal charities, and we can show the world that compassion is recession-proof!

*If you plan to enter a chili into competition, please send an e-mail to wakeupweekend@gmail.com ASAP to request a registration form. Last year, we were a bit light on chili (and a bit heavy on chili-eaters), so let’s anticipate another big turnout and get as many of you to put your culinary prowess on display as possible!

See you at Wake Up Weekend 2009!

Here are the details on Thursday Monday’s Vegan Pizza Event. Location: Brick Road Pizza on Wealthy Street. The buffet meal will be from 7PM-9PM. Cost is $10, and you need to purchase a ticket before hand. Email me,Dan Hooley (hooley.dan@gmail.com), if you are interested, so I can let the owner know how many plan on coming and what time slots (7-8 or 8-9). The owner’s have promised that the $10 will cover plenty of delicious food and that it will be well worth it. Its also a great opportunity to eat at the restaurant prior to its opening and meet other vegans and others interested in animal issues in Grand Rapids. 

The buffet will include the following pizzas: Faux meat lovers, Philly Steak and Cheese, Buffalo Tofu, Taco, and Black Bean. Along with pizza there will be pasta salad, drinks, and deserts! I’ve just seen some pictures from inside the restaurant (see below) and it looks really cool. It should be a great event. Hope to see you there!!